Hello! Perhaps you’ve come to this page because you weren’t sure which of the above options to click. “Music videos? Live? I can’t decide!” you said to yourself. Or perhaps you came here because you saw the Videos tab was clickable and wondered if that would give you ALL the available videos. In which case, you were WRONG, I am sad to inform you. Perhaps you just wondered if it was a real link or just a sham, an empty click filled with only dust and hope for a better tomorrow. I couldn’t say. But you chose it and so I feel the need to reward you with a lovely picture of an otter and a small selection of the sorts of videos you can find at the other buttons under the Videos tab. Enjoy!

Live at the Old Hairdressers

Neil’s Song Music Video

Occupy Sound Session/Interview

Rapture (Live at Cabaret Voltaire)

I told you there’d be an otter.


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