The world doesn’t really need another breakup song. Well, maybe one more.

Hello folks. It’s fair to say that my single is now well and truly launched! The party in Vespbar the other night was loads of fun, so big thanks to everyone who came along. Special thanks to Julia and the Doogans and Trusty and the Foe for playing the launch and being so braw.

If you didn’t make it along: fear not! You can still buy physical copies of the single from Bandcamp, just click this link right here. Prefer digital copies? You can purchase a digital copy from this link or simply click “buy” in the player below!

If you like being able to download your music on the go, you can also purchase a digital copy of the single from iTunes. Just search for Shambles Miller on the iTunes store or go via this link here.

Not convinced? If only there were other people whose opinions you could trust about whether or not my single is worth buying. Wait! There are!

“By the end of ‘Confessions‘ you are left feeling somehow connected with others, with the thinking being that things really aren’t as bad as you thought they were some 3 minutes and 53 seconds ago before you pressed play, and for such an achievement the entire arrangement of this single from start to finish must be applauded, recommended, and thoroughly enjoyed.”
 Jon Sidwell, Music Liberation
(read the review in full here)

“In addition to a fine sense of melody (and an accent Americans may find a bit thick), Shambles’ songs tend to be characterized by a deft sense of humor.”
 When You Motor Away
(read the feature in full here)

“The skiffle-tinged shuffle of “Confessions” bursts with wry wit, David Bowie impressions and buckets of pathos. The almost impossibly catchy song is built around a rousing, sing-along chorus where Miller perhaps correctly observes “the world doesn’t really need another break up song“. But most songs of heartbreak aren’t created quite like this, and lack the sense of self-deprecating but gentle humour which Miller manages to cram into his lyrics in every surprising couplet.”
 Mike Newman, Songs Heard on Fast Trains
(read the review in full here)

If you like my music, please share the Bandcamp link or just tell a friend or something. I’ll be really grateful. Thanks so much for all your support!

Til next time,

love Shambles