Don’t make me over. Och alright then, go on.

I think the effort to payoff ratio for this might be badly skewed.

Hello folks! You’re looking young and fresh and clean and NEW today. A bit like my blog, now that you mention it. As you can see, I’ve given the old girl a bit of a makeover. I’ve updated the links above, such as my music page, the page with free stuff, and the bit about me. So if you want to hear my music, buy my music, get free stuff or get in touch, it’s now that little bit easier. And if like me, you’re too lazy to remember web addresses with more than 18 characters, never fear. You can now reach this website simply by heading to! (don’t click it now though, you’ll just end up right back here, that’d be silly. Unless you really want to. Och go on then, I can’t say no to you)

Some of you might also have noticed I’ve recently got one of those tumblrs. I’m still figuring it out, but I think you can contact me there too, or ask me things, or send me pictures of dyslexic cats and whatnot. So far there’s only one picture and a video of Phillip Schofield talking like Satan. I think my television might be possessed. Oh and there’s a song you might have heard but which you should download if you haven’t already.

Hope you like the new look folks,

til next time,

love Shambles