Hello folks! You’re looking well-rested and content. Good. Good. I know you’re already reading THIS thing, but THIS thing is mostly to recommend you read OTHER things. What things? THESE THINGS!

Reverieme’s interview with The Spill!

Andrew Lindsay’s interview with Last Year’s Girl!

Andrew Lindsay’s (him again? gee-wizz) with Peenko!

Also, I’d like to congratulate these aforementioned talented friends, because Reverieme, (accompanied by Mr. Andrew Lindsay, the lovely Florence MacDonald and the ever-handsome Jamie Hewitt) is playing at the Wickerman Festival AND the T Break stage at T in the Park this year! Exciting! Go see her/them, you won’t regret it. Promise. You can trust a promise from me; that’s why they call me “Honest Shambles” (no-one calls me that). See? I can’t help myself.

Til next time folks,

love Shambles x


Booze, Reviews and Interviews

Hello folks! How are you today? You look fairly chipper to me, which is no mean feat right now. In between the new Con-Lib government, ash cloud malarkey and the fact that in Scotland it can’t be Summer for one whole day, never mind two days in a row, a good mood is to be treasured.

I’m feeling pretty braw myself today as I’ve finally finished my summer exams! Fair enough, I’ll need to write a big ol’ dissertation over summer, but I’ll also be able to get gigging regularly again. Hopefully I’ll fit in a wee Scottish tour, so if you have any suggestions of where I should play and when, do let me know. It also means I can melt my brain with comic books, video games and of course, the odd pint of beer/whiskey/pakora sauce. I’ve done a wee bit of that already, including last night when I went to see Andrew Maxwell. The highlight for me was when he turned out to be related to a drunk Irish girl in the front row. That and when he told me if I wasn’t stoned, my hair certainly was. Fair enough really. As for the missus, her favourite part was undoubtedly Scottish Jesus, as summed up in this picture. Nae danger.

In other exciting news, I’ve done a wee interview for Elba Sessions, as well as being featured on Ride The Tempo!

You can read the Elba interview in full by clicking this handsome link. I’ve only done a few interviews so far, but this has been one of my favourites. It even clears up this issue of my tiny guitar :) The feature at Ride The Tempo features one of my songs and you can take a look it by click this strangely alluring link.

Oh and, just so ye’s know the tiny guitar is real, here’s a photo of it in action:

Am I singing or laughing? You decide.

No, those aren’t pyjamas.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts on the interview/feature/possible tour venues/which enemy I should be battling in my new E.P/my ridiculous haircut/etc

love, Shambles x