Doing stuff is still hard

I’ve said it before, doing stuff is HARD. Unless that something is making a lo-fi recording about how hard doing stuff is, and then making a wee one-shot music video for it like two weeks later. Because that’s precisely what I’ve done. Here it is.

The hardest part was gettingĀ the song from the thing I recorded it on and the video from the thing I recorded IT on onto one other thing that would let me make them into one thing.

Or the hardest thing might be understanding that sentence. Who needs punctuation? What am I saying, I love punctuation. I really, really do.

If you liked the song, feel free to download it from Soundcloud for free! Feel free FOR free.


Doing Stuff is Hard

DOING STUFF IS HARD, OK? We all know it. We’ve all had to do a thing and been like “ugh” or “no” or even “whyyyyyy”. I get writers block a lot and the other night I wanted to trick myself into Doing Stuff so I asked Twitter to help me. I figured they might be able to help me dislodge my mind-rocks to write a new song…but then I watched loads of episodes of Daredevil. So I wrote a song about that instead. I seriously can’t figure out if this counts as Doing Stuff but I quickly recorded it anyway. Here it is! Enjoy it, and enjoy Daredevil. That shit’s incredible.