Friday the 13th and some EP-launchin’ maverickacious brawtimes.

Hello folks! I know I’ve been a bit lax with my blog updating of late, but as you know I’ve not had proper Internet for the last few months. Until now! Internet party!!! Or in other words, stare at twitter and facebook for an hour then get bored and go outside.

It also means I can inform/remind/prod you lovely lot about upcoming gigs and whatnot. One I’m particularly excited about is supporting Julia and the Doogans at their EP launch show. It’s at the Captains Rest, this Friday. What’s that you say? It’s Friday the 13th? Well I guess anyone who comes to this show will be showing that not only do they have impeccable music taste but that they’re a maverick. A badass. Someone who laughs in the face of FEAR and DANGER and SUPERSTITION and OTHER STUFF LIKE THAT. Are you up to it? I bloody well hope so, because as well as music from me, Julia and the Doogans, and Dougie Greig, there’ll be free cake and lollipops. You can also pick up a copy of the Diamonds EP before its official release on the 16th. Sounds like a deal to me.

If you fancy checking out some of Julia and the Doogans’ music before the gig you can check out their website, their facebook page, or have a wee listen to their first EP below this very sentence.

SO, to recap:

– Go to the Captains Rest, this Friday the 13th of April, £3 entry
– Eat free cake
– Stuff your face/pockets with free lollipops
– Listen to some braw music
– Laugh in the face of danger and superstition
– Pick up a copy of the Diamonds EP, days before anyone else
– Bask in your own maverickacious awesomesaucity

See you there folks!

love Shambles



Things I did when I was a bear.

Herraawwr *ahem* hello folks. You look nice today, have you got any jam? No? Oh well. As you can see, I was recently transmogrified in a bear-shaped fashion. That’s not ALL I’ve been up to recently however. What else have I been up to? Well let me tell you. It’ll distract me from eating you/stealing your picnic basket.

I recently did a wee interview for The Daily Dose, via the medium of twitter. To see me rise to the challenge of participating in an interview where I’m forced into brevity by the 140-character limit, just click here.

Later that day, I went off to play a gig at Su Casa in Ayr, hosted by the always-braw Little Fire. The enigmatic Squirrel of This Silent Forest was also on the bill, playing some right lovely songs, fresh from the 30 songs in 30 days challenge and leading up to the This Silent Forest single launch at Sleazies. Links aplenty! Click em and listen and go to things! I recommend all that. You should also have a look about for Celine Brooks, also on the bill at Su Casa. She’s more than a little bit good so she is.

That gig spawned a couple of wee reviews, of the gig itself and of my EP Shambles Sails the Clockwork Sea, of which there are only about 25 copies left incidentally, so if you’re thinking of buying one, best order sooner rather than later. If you’d like to have a look at the reviews I just mentioned, you can see them…HERE! and….OVER THERE!

Adding “writer of webcomic theme tunes” to my list of…things I do or have done (good list title thinker-upper isn’t one of them) was another recent – OK LOOK, this sentence isn’t going very well, is it? I’ve got the cold and my brain has slowed to a crawl. THE MAIN POINT IS, go read this webcomic, it’s very good and I wrote the music for the theme tune. Well, one of them…

What, there’s more? Well, yes! The lovely Jim Gellatly played one of my songs on his show this week, listen again here!

Lastly, I’m playing a gig for Glasgow/Paisley-based bloggerchap Aye Tunes this Wednesday the 28th of September. It’s at the Captains Rest with the Sea Kings and the Spook School! There will also be a short spoken-word set from Kevin P. Gilday (of How Garbo Died fame) so you’re getting even more bang for your (five) buck(s)! Here’s the facebook event thing, if you like to RSVP to things, the wee socialite that you are.

Phew! That should do it. Til next time folks, me and the Pope are off to shit in the woods.

love Shambles


Argos Barks (but ma dug can write)

Hello folks! You’re looking positively refulgent, you classy devils. I’ve been busy writing (the good kind, not the other kind) and doing plots and plans and schemes and things. I’ve also taken to wearing a very small hat. It’s a crazy time. I also took some time recently to make a wee playlist for Argos Barks, featuring some of the braw folk who make braw folk and can regularly be found making my ears happier. Some are more obvious than others, given that my usual partners-in-crime are featured, but so are some heroes and people I’m resigned to admiring from afar. The playlist is as follows:

  • Andrew Lindsay – The Boat Outside
  • Reverieme – Weans
  • Beans on Toast – Coke
  • Where We Lay Our Heads – Wondering About the Fall
  • Daniel Versus the World – One Night Hug
  • Kitty the Lion – Split Ends
  • Laura Marling – My Manic and I
  • Loch Awe – The Ocean in Me
  • Second Hand Marching Band – A Dance to Half Death
  • Shambles Miller – Things That Make Me Angry
  • Loudon Wainwright III – Motel Blues
  • Emily Barker – Fields of June
  • Julia and the Doogans – Borderline
  • Billy Bragg – Waiting for the Great Leap Forward
  • Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road

A mighty bag’o’tracks to be sure. Mr. Barks (as he will always be known in my mind) also says some lovely words about me, which I’m very flattered by. He must be wise and handsome. To hear the playlist in full, head over to Argos Barks right this very minute! Your ears would thank you, if they could speak, but they can’t. They’re ears. They have neither the agency nor ability to do so.

In other news, I have gigs soon! I’m playing a couple of shows with Dave Arcari and it’d be great if you could make it along, the dates and times are below, along with the facebook event pages where you can also find links to buy tickets online! Hope to see you there!

Oh and I recently updated my bandcamp with physical STUFF, so take a gander. And yes, the picture of my dog, Dusty, is only really up at the top of this post because of a rather tenuous “barks” link. It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want. Put the kettle on since you’re up, would you?

Til next time folks,

love Shambles x