Dust It Off!

Hello folks! You look lovely today, as always. My updates are still a little sporadic due to the process of changing where it is that I live from one place to a different place. However, I’ve managed to steal some internet from a local kebab shop by perching on the roof at nighttime, which has given me time to discover the video I’m about to post. Some of you might know that I recently played an event called Dust It Off at the Old Hairdressers, alongside Laura and Thom and Julia and the Doogans. Our performances were captured by the guys at LIVEFLY (you can watch Julia and the Doogans’ performance at this link here) and have recently been uploaded to their site. I was recovering from throat-and-chest-and-sinus badness at the time but I think I got away with it (apart from pointing it out) so I thought I’d share the video with you lovely lot.

Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to comment/rate and whatnot.

Oh and yes, I did notice that it says “Shambless Miller” at the start. It’s true, I have no shambs to speak of.
(This has been rectified, but I’m leaving this bit in because I like that shite joke. You understand.)

Til next time folks!

love Shambless


Strummerville 2012

Hello folks! You look awfy swish today. Some of you might remember that last year I became part of Strummerville DIY. Don’t remember? Here’s a wee post for your perusal. (Ok so, the post also has some guff about my birthday, the good stuff is a paragraph or two in.) Don’t know what Strummerville is? Well here’s another handy link.

Since then I’ve gigged a lot more, met lots of great folk and hopefully I’ve got my music out to more people than I did this time last year. With this in mind, Strummerville have updated my profile on their site. They assure me this is all to do with the music and not because I have a different haircut. I know that most of you have probably heard/downloaded this already, but if you haven’t, I’d love for you to check out the site and download my track “Things That Make Me Angry” for free. Alternatively, download it right here! Just click on the wee arrow. It only takes a few seconds but it might help me get into the top 20 of the Strummerville chart, which means more people will see it and hopefully I can get my music out to more people. You can listen and download below.

If you like the song, feel free to share it around! Just click on the wee link-type-chap in the embedded player for an embed code or link for twitter/facebook/wordpress/teletext or whatever your preferred digital medium is.

Thanks for reading/listening folks, I hope you like the track. I know I ramble a lot of nonsense, but I really do appreciate all your support.

Til next time!

love Shambles


Alice’s 99 Shortest Problems

Hello folks! I hope you’re having a lovely [insert day of the week] and that you said hello to [insert name] for me last time you saw them. I sure miss him/her, that crazy bastard/bitch.

As you might know, I recently played some of my songs at Words per Minute, the monthly full-of-brawness event held in the Arches, featuring the best of Scotland’s writing, music, spoken word and performance in general. And me, last time.

I really enjoyed my set at the Arches that day and managed to capture some of said performance, via technology magic. I thought it might be nice for other people to hear it, as my set was just a wee bit different than usual and not just because it was 10 minutes long, seriously curtailing the amount of pish I could talk between songs.

With this in mind, it’s time for a tasty free download! Here’s a special wee medley I’m calling Alice’s 99 Shortest Problems.

I hope you like it folks! If you do, tell your friends! If you don’t…tell your friends! And if you like it (even just a little) please download it. I went to all the effort of pressing the upload button and everything! Tired oot noo, away for a lie-down.

Til next time folks!

love Shambles


Review: Anavris – Eleven Eyes Of A Simple Man EP

Right, I’ve had it up to here with this bloody record. I keep trying to write this fucking review but I never quite feel like what i’ve written does it justice. Its honestly an absolutely excellent EP, by a band that deserves to be very, very successful. Well, here goes.

Eleven Eyes of a Simple Man is the second EP from Glasgow-based four piece Anavris, and it shows a huge leap forward for the band, in that it not only showcases their talent for complex and original songwriting, but does so whilst being exciting and fun to listen to. It’s the sort of record that can make you want to dance, party, or even kick someone’s arse but can also really move you. It’s rare that one band manages to balance so well between the two sides of what makes good music, well, good.

This is an example of a perfect EP in that it gives you everything you could want from a record but still leaves you wanting more. It beggars belief that Anavris aren’t already far more successful than they are at the moment, but with a record that is as electric and exciting as their live shows, it shouldn’t be long until they get what they deserve.

Phew. Made it eventually. Incase you couldn’t be arsed reading the fancy bit, here’s the gist: away and buy this record, its fucking brilliant.

You can pre-order Eleven Eyes Of A Simple Man from Anavris’ online store now. Anavris are currently on tour in the UK.

This review was originally written for Stereokill.net, see it in its original format here.

Buy My Shamblings Online!

Hey folks! :) You can now buy my EP from my new Big Cartel Store. Yaaay!!! Its the same price as it would be if you bought it straight from me, except for the shipping costs. So if you’re interested in buying one, head over to the Big Cartel store and check it out :) It links straight to my paypal so its all above board and whatnot. Hope some of you will visit the store! Cheers, see you soon :)

love Shambles x