Start of the year….STUFF!

I could explain this, but you're better figuring it out for yourself.


Hello! I know it’s a little late, but, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I would’ve posted earlier, but my birthday is in early January, so I’ve been riding the crest of a boozy festive wave…and that’s me just sobered up. That’s alright isn’t it though? To effectively lose the first week of the year? Aye I’m sure it’s fine. Luckily though, much like the end of the year, things have been going on around me while I’ve been renewing my friendship with Mr. Jack Daniels.

I recently did a wee interview with a chap called Thor (you can see why I warmed to him immediately) for his blog GlasGOwest. We talk music, politics, booze, and there’s even a story featuring a man nearly FALLING off of a THING. Guess who saves the day? Time to find out! Just click here and read it with your eyes and enjoy it with your mind and smile at it with your face!

I also got a lovely surprise the other day in the form of the inclusion of one of my tracks on a great podcast from It’s presented by a chap called Ed and I recommend giving it a listen, as it features some right braw music. Here’s the link! Also, if you like the song of mine that Ed plays, you can download it for free. Where? Oh right below this sentence? Bongo.

That’s all for now folks, anything else I’ve done recently was probably under the influence of alcohol and will probably start to ebb slowly back into my mind as it slowly sobers up for the year ahead. I’ll let you know when I do.

Til next time,

love Shambles



Rainy Embra Adventures

Hello folks! Ooh, nice jumper. As you might know, I’ve had some adventures in Edinburgh recently (some secret, some not) including a wee gig at the Blind Poet. Most of the aforementioned adventures involved rain at some point, including in the above picture, but ALSO during a cheeky wee interview I did for the Edinburgh Man Podcast!

It’s a great wee weekly podcast, so I was more than happy to sit down and have a chat with Mr. Edinburgh Man once we found a wee spot out of the rain. Unfortunately however…that interview is lost. It is gone, forever, into the long black tomorrow of the digital never. Or something. BUT, we did ANOTHER INTERVIEW! Waaay! I also did a wee live track in the windy wilds of the Grassmarkets which also features on the podcast. If that hasn’t convinced you to listen, the podcast also features Josie Long, who is obviously much funnier to listen to than me. SO GO’FR’IT!

You can listen and download at this tasty link.

Lovely. Til next time!

love Shambles


ALSO, just a wee reminder that I’m supporting Jack Savoretti at Cabaret Voltaire this Friday the 26th of August. COME ALONG!

Two things I did (and one I didn’t)

Hello folks! How are you all this fine day? Well, this day. Maybe it’s fine where you are; in Scotland it’s dreich. Drab. Drizzly. If you’re out and about today you’ll probably end up in a right doorker ’cause yer sa’ drookit.

So, perhaps you’re wondering what’s been happening recently. Perhaps you’ve even noticed the slight imaginary tan or the still imaginary Indian nik-naks around the place. Well, that’s because I recently took a trip to the Taj Mahal with some friends. And Mahatma Ghandi. Well, he was already there. We were awfy surprised. Before Rosa started tickling Ghandi with her robotic arm, but shortly after Alison and Lucy got drunk on flowerpots, Mr. Mahatma said to me, he said “Hey, Shambles. I see you have a guitar. Why don’t you sing me some songs and afterwards you can tell me what else you’ve been up to”.

I said “Ghandi my man, you have got an accord,”(ian, couldn’t play it though) and just at that moment, we had our picture taken. Ghandi had to leave shortly after to appear as a guest judge on American Idol and do an interview with Ryan Seacrest. As a result, he didn’t get to hear about what I’d been up to recently, so I’ll recap two of the nicest bits here.

Edinburgh Man Podcast

It’s always a lovely surprise to see one of my songs pop up in a podcast, especially when the surprise is accompanied by such flattering words. I could really tell how much this Edinburgh-dwelling podcaster enjoyed the EP and that’s always exciting and quite touching to hear, no matter who is saying it. Listen to the full podcast here, or alternatively download from iTunes.

Curious Joe

I recently met up with a fine young bloggist (I’m gonna try that word out, see how it goes) in my favourite remaining Byres Road pub, to chat about…well…anything that came into my head. This diligent blogster then had the unenviable task of transcribing the recording of my not-quite-drunk-yet ramblings and turning them into a coherent interview. Read it in full here. Try not to judge me too much for my over-use of the quotative “like”.

I hope you enjoy ’em both! Til next time folks!

love Shambles


Mo Mo: Mo Money? Mo-Oh.

This picture will make sense about two paragraphs in, honest.

Good day to you, fine folks. I’ve been a trifle over-occupied of late, hence my lack of activity online and indeed, anywhere but my writing-cave. So entrenched have I been in essaying; pontificating hither and thither, that I have neglected to update my precious (three) readers on my comings and goings. Here’s a quick rundown:


As some of you might know, I’m spending this month relatively beardless, in aid of Movember. I’d be really greatful if you could donate something, even just a little bit. This is to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer, so if you’d like to donate for MY mo-growing efforts, you can do so online right here. Really, every wee bit helps. You can also donate to the team I’m a part of alongside my partner-in-crime Neil Slorance. The link for that is right here. Only a week to go!

Young Scot Podcast

Who says you can’t have a moustache and reach out to touch children…WITH MUSIC? Crazy people, that’s who. One of my songs was recently featured on the Young Scot Podcast. Download it here, or directly from iTunes!

The Pop Cop Interview

Recently, esteemed blogger The Pop Cop wrote an article on whether or not musicians make good music journalists. I was lucky enough to have some of my thoughts on the subject included in the article, so if you haven’t already seen it, check it out by clicking this tasty link. It even breaks the fourth wall a bit, as I popped my Me Hat on, instead of my Other Me Hat.*

Apart from all this lovely stuff, I’ve mostly been working on essays and starting to learn the programming language Python. Strange way to unwind, I know. And as always, I like to pimp out my music where possible, so if you’re interested in buying any of my music, including my shiny new EP, check out my Big Cartel Store, or my Bandcamp page.

Til next time, fair friends, ’tis back to my writing-cave,

love Shambles



*This makes sense to at least one of me.

Spot the deliberate mistake…

Folks! It’s a pleasure as always, so it is. That’s me up there, taking a picture of a wee poster for the gig I played last night. It was my first time playing Frankenstein’s, in fact, I think it’s the first time I’ve ever been in Frankie’s Glasgow venue. It was an interesting one: not my worst performance, but not my best. I don’t think the folk down front quite ‘got’ what I was doing. Well, I suppose that’s my fault for deciding to do all my songs in the form of interpretive dance, whilst wearing a stormtrooper costume. Och well. You live you learn.

When I come offstage, I like to nick off to wipe the sweat off ma big stupid face compose myself, and have a wee think about how well I performed. I chill out for 2 minutes, breathe deeply, and reflect on whether or not the gig was an overall success. Well, on a night where I sang ma wee heart out, got paid a wee bit, a free meal, a few free drinks and sold some more CDs, the best part was undoubtedly spending the evening drinking and talking pish with my friends. As usual. I’d say that’s a success.

Recently I’ve also had a new wee review from Kowalskiy. Here are my highlights:

  • “this release is another folky gem”
  • “a Billy Bragg for the blogging generation”
  • “chronicle”
  • “the”

Spiffing highlights I’m sure you’ll agree. If you’d like to read the review in full, click me. Go on. Click me.

I’ve also done a wee interview for Sound Surrounds! It’s a fine blog to behold, so if you’d like to read the review just click right here, then read with your eyes. And enjoy with your brain. Or complain with your fingers. Either way, it’s nice to get involved, I think.

That’ll just about do for now I expect, til next time folks!



I just had something in my eye, ok?

Hello folks! You’re looking lovely today, despite the weather. Right off the bat I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made it to the EP launch night. You all helped to make it a really special night for me, as you might have noticed as I attempted to say a few words at the end of the night and must’ve got something stuck in my throat. And my eye. Total coincidence. Shut up.

Anyway, thanks again for coming, even if you didn’t (or couldn’t, due to being skint) buy an EP, watching my mum chase many of you as you tried to leave was almost worth the price of the CD. Though not enough for me to give it away for free, obviously. I’m not made of money. I’d also like to thank Andrew Lindsay, Reverie and Florynce and Lauryn for supporting me on the night and doing a brilliant job, despite certain acts (including myself) being beset by seasonal illnesses. And of course, I have to thank my wonderful band for the night, who after much deliberation, I decided to call the Ramshackle Rascals after all. I think they’d want me to let you know I’m still open to suggestions for a definitive name for a backing band. Very few of my suggestions were met with any degree of enthusiasm…

Me and some Rascals.

In other news, my EP is now on sale at Big Cartel (physical copies), Bandcamp (download copies) and of course directly from me, at gigs, in the street, in pubs and other such places I’m likely to be found. I can also meet you to give you your copy if you live in Glasgow and prefer the personal touch. Just get in touch via one of the many links to the right or leave a wee comment.

I’d also like to mention that I recently did a wee interview for the lovely Lis over at Last Year’s Girl. It features me rambling on about music, my first ever song (fingerclicks and all) and walking the line between humour and politics. You can take a wee look at the interview in full by clicking this brave young link.

I was also lucky enough to be featured over at The ‘Spill blog, in the puntastically named “Thistle Do Nicely” section. Makes you smile as much as it makes you groan, which has the effect of making you look and sound like you’re having a stroke. Here’s my favourite bit:

“The brilliantly named Shambles Miller has picked up the modern day protest song baton from the likes of Billy Bragg and run off with it into a dark of corner of Glasgow.”

This is more than a little flattering, especially since the writer thinks I’m capable of running anywhere with anything. I get puffed out walking up hills, presumably sweating out the kebab sauce as I ascend. Read the feature in full by clicking this braw young chap of a link.

Well that’s about it for now I think folks. If you didn’t manage to make the EP launch, I hope I get the chance to see you at another gig soon. Feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in buying an EP, or if you just fancy a chat.

Til next time,

love Shambles


Sometimes People Ask Me…

Hello again! Some of you lovely folk might have noticed that I occasionally like to talk pish…sometimes…

It’s no surprise then that I rather enjoy when the opportunity for an interview comes along. My most recent one is for the Favourite Son music blog. It’s a great blog and as usual, I took advantage of the opportunity to…well…talk some of that aforementioned pish. You can check out the interview at this ruggedly handsome link. There are also links to all of my previous interviews over there to the right. More waffle there than….Belgium.

I’ve got a few gigs coming up soon, check out my myspace page for the dates. Alternatively, there are some of those lovely little facebook event thingummy-bobs which you can find at my facebook page in the links in the top post. Oh and if any of you have any ideas for some places around Scotland to play over the summer, do let me know!

Til next time,

love Shambles x