About Me


(Hey! Right off the bat, to get a good idea of what I’m all about, I’d recommend watching this video. If you prefer to read about things first, carry on!)

Hello! I’m Shambles Miller, a singer/songwriter from Glasgow. I can usually be found in gig venues around Glasgow and beyond, or in the pub doing the crossword. You should still come over and say hello though, I’m probably stuck. You can see a list of my upcoming gigs right here. A list of pubs I’ll be doing the crossword in is subject to change and only exists in my head.

I’ve released a few EPs and singles which you can listen to by clicking the music link just above. Or if you prefer, you can head directly to Bandcamp where you can buy my records as well as listening to them. As you might have spotted, I also have some free stuff, most of which is available at the link above. You can also buy my first single “Confessions” from iTunes or you can stream it on Spotify.

If you don’t fancy rummaging around the blog to find my music/videos/darkest secrets, not to worry. Whatever your poison is, I’ve probably got it. Find me at:

You can get in touch with me via most of those links, or e-mail me directly at shamblesmiller(at)gmail(dot)com.

Press/booking enquiries should also be sent to the above address.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you at a gig sometime soon!





3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. jamesclarkjones1 says:

    Shambles, the link you have for my tunes is a wee bit out of date. That will cost you a pint; I’ll be over to Glasgow in a month or so…

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