Scottish Fiction Takeover – The First Half

This week I’m doing a takeover of the Scottish Fiction blog, where I get to write whatever I want, and so far have managed to not spend the whole time talking about myself. Since we’re halfway through the takeover, I thought I’d post a quick round-up.

Day 1 – Allow me to reintroduce myself

On day one I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself for anyone who wasn’t familiar with my music. So there’s a wee introduction with me talking a bit of shite, some music, a wee video, links to some of the music I’ve been listening to recently and other bits of stuff. Ok so I’ve spent some of the time talking about myself. Check it out here!

Day 2 – “What is your favourite word?”


I’m a big fan of the TV show Inside the Actors Studio, and I thought it might fun to ask some musical friends the Proust Questionnaire from that very show. Which Scottish musician has a dinosaur fetish? Who thinks they’ll die from falling over after fighting ninjas?  Click here to find out.

Day 3 – Have you heard the one about the musical comedian? (Part 1)


Today I posted the first instalment of my feature on music and comedy. It’s an interview with the very funny, very talented Eleanor Morton. Tomorrow’s instalment is an interview with Randolph’s Leap frontman Adam Ross. Check out today’s interview here.

So that’s the first half of my takeover! Stay tuned to Scottish Fiction the rest of the week for more, and please check out the posts above. This week I’m also hosting a movie screening and music night at Brechins in Govan. It’s a great film and we’ll have some great musicians performing, so come along for a fun night. It’s free, AND you get a free pie and a pint. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Also, someone with a name very similar to mine is having a book launch this Sunday.

See you soon!




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