“I guess we’re saying that you can beat your wife…”

If you’ve been online lately, you might have heard that professional oxygen thief Chris Brown has quit Twitter, following an exchange with comedian Jenny Johnson in which, amongst other things, Brown lets Johnson know that he plans to shit in her eye. He then went on to tweet the following.


So why am I talking about it? Well, I recently wrote a song which includes the man who has singelhandedly ensured that people with the surname Brown will avoid calling their children Chris for the forseeable future. It also references some other aspects of celebrity culture. I hope you enjoy it!

Update: Since recording this demo I’ve changed the line “six weeks by the roadside” to “a few weeks”, having read the breakdown of Brown’s community service. Doesn’t make THAT much difference since, y’know, he should be in jail. For beating the shit out of a woman, in case you forgot.

Til next time folks!

Love Shambles



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