Monday night’s alright for…ehh…

I’ll finish that joke later. This week I played my first ever gig at King Tut’s. It was on a Monday night, supporting a band that are MUCH louder than anything I’ve ever done and I’m pretty sure it was raining (can we get someone to check that? We can? Cool). Despite this, a whole bunch of friends and family came out to see me play and I was really, really touched. I had an absolute blast and just want to thank everyone who bought a ticket, came down to the show, checked out my set, or came and spoke to me at the merch table afterwards. Although I’ve been gigging for a couple of years, I still get a kick out of little things like someone making the effort to come and speak to me about my set, or even the fact that I get a dressing room. I took advantage of this by chilling out and watching the One Show.

Seriously though, I almost NEVER get a dressing room.

It might seem a bit daft, especially since so many of my peers played their first King Tut’s gig ages before now, but it feels really good to have done that; to be able to tick that box (although I hope it’s not the last time I play there) and I’m glad my friends were there to share that with me.  I also want to say thanks to the people who bought my music in the run-up to the gig and the people who sent me messages of encouragement and to wish me good luck. It really means a lot to me.

It won’t be too long til my next gig, you never know when I’ll pop up at an open mic, and hopefully King Tut’s will have me back sometime in the near future. Until then, you know where to find me. Wait, you don’t? Tsk. Try here. Or here. And every Sunday night here.

Til next time,

love Shambles



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