Songs that are always stuck in my head…Tuesday?

I told you I’d forget to do this on the same day every week. To be fair though, I was quite busy over the weekend, especially since I was hosting Vespbar’s very first open mic on Sunday night! I’d like to say a big massive thanks to everyone who came down. All the performers were top notch, which made my job a lot easier, especially as there was a pretty eclectic mix of music, poetry, spoken word and a bit of tiny-keyboard-comedy-song. Does it sound like a night full of that sort of thing (with free beers for performers) might be your bag? Head down to Vespbar next Sunday!

So with all this in mind, here’s that feature I said would become a regular thing, except two days late, and with a last-Sunday-night-at-the-open-mic theme. Jings.

Gillian Welch – Look at Miss Ohio

Fraser MacLean – Work it (Missy Elliott cover)

Kris Drever – Poor Man’s Son

Two of these are songs which were covered by performers on Sunday, whilst one is a video of one of the performers themselves. I’m sure you can figure out which is which. Hope to see you next Sunday!

love Shambles



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