Songs that are always stuck in my head Sunday

That’s me dozing off whilst listening to music and writing a blog post. THIS blog post. That’s it in the background. I’m so meta.

Hello folks, I’m sure you’re wondering what this rather ungainlily titled blog post is all about. Well, it’s an idea I had for a wee weekly feature which will almost certainly be demoted to a monthly feature before I forget about it completely. It’s here now though, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts. Like life! Or sandwiches.

Sundays are by their very nature, quite slow days. Sunday is a day for sitting about, spending some time in a shed, for thinking about doing that thing you keep meaning to do. Sunday has music on in the background and makes your dog sleepier than usual. It’s a full stomach, a strange stillness and just a tinge of tomorrow. My Sundays are going to be about a New Thing soon (more on that later) but I’ve decided to use this Sunday to share with you the songs that are always rattling about in the back of my head. Some of them come and go while some are regulars. Here are three such songs.

David O’Doherty – Me and Shakira

(buy his new album from Bandcamp, it’s braw)

We See Lights – Hope You Like The Smiths

(find these brilliant people at

Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit

(you should already own some Wu-Tang Clan I reckon)

Til next time folks!

love Shambles



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