Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts.

Three of em! Hello. What with the new single being released recently, I’ve had some airplay from some brilliant podcasts. They all feature loads of great tunes, so I thought I’d link to them hear so you can wrap yer ears right round some good music.

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson 

This past week I was lucky enough to be featured by the BBC’s very own Tom Robinson. I’m really honoured to have the support of someone like Tom and to have my music featured on the BBC. I mean, it’s the BBC! You can listen to the show on iplayer or download the mixtape here. Or both! One then the other. Your choice. The mixtape is available for four weeks though, then it’s gonezo, so don’t dilly-dally.

Jim Gellatly’s New Music 

Last week, my track Confessions was also featured on Jim Gellatly’s new music podcast. Jim’s been a long-time supporter so it’s great to have him play the new stuff, especially alongside great Scottish talent like Hector Bizerk and Meursault. Definitely download this! Oh look, here’s a link where you can do just that.

The Edinburgh Man Podcast 

A regular favourite of mine to listen to (which is why you’ll sometimes hear Mr. Man (Man is his surname, right?) reading out vaguely nonsensical tweets from me now and then, when the show goes out live)*, you can hear both Confessions and the b-side Pieces on episode 100 and episode 99, respectively. Away and listen!

Oh and, this isn’t exactly an official endorsement, but I’ll take what I can get. I asked Lauren Laverne if she’d be interested in listening to a song which features a spot-on David Bowie impression, where the impression was artistically necessary to the song. She said, and I quote: “yes”. So I sent her this tweet with a link to the track on soundcloud and she favourited it.

Does she actually like the song? I have no idea. Perhaps we should all ask her on Twitter!

This is the sort of thing I get up to at night on Twitter when the rest of you are out at the local discos and pool halls, jiving with your best girls/boys and hustling suckers on the tables.

Til next time folks,

love Shambles


*Yep, I’m basically trolling you all with punctuation here. Complaints to shamblesmiller(at)gmail(dot)com


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