Photo-clonin’, speed-datin’, single-releasin’

Hello folks! It’s nearly single-launch-party-time so I thought I’d do a wee roundup of what’s been happening recently. First of all, I’ve clearly been cloned. Well, not quite. You might remember I did a wee shoot recently with the talented-and-lovely Ashley Baxter. Well, Ashley took another couple of photos to promote the single launch. She’s got a blog post about it here, and we’d both love to hear which shot is your favourite. Wondering why there’s two of me? Ashley explains that too.

Somehow, amidst all this single launch preparation, I managed to find time to write an article for the Pop Cop. It’s called “Shambles Miller goes speed dating” and although I could explain it here, I recommend heading over to the Pop Cop to read it for yourself!

And of course, I can’t miss out the fact that my single is now available to stream and preorder through Bandcamp! You can check it out at this link, or listen in the player below!

The launch party is tomorrow night in Vespbar. Here’s a link with a wee map in case you’re not sure where you’re going. And to be REALLY specific, it’s on Drury Street, opposite the Horseshoe Bar. It used to be O’Henry’s. And it’s just past the strippers. Bonzo! I really hope you can make it along.

Til next time,

love Shambles



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