Pieces of Nonsense.

I…what? I’m sorry, I just don’t understand what you’re saying.

Hello folks. I’ve been busy preparing for my upcoming single launch of late. You’ve probably heard me going on about it, and it’s the reason for things like this press release and these professional photos of ma face.

Now, it’s not available for human ears just yet but if you’d like to hear the b-side, you can do so by listening to the most recent episode of the Edinburgh Man Podcast. The track is called Pieces. The podcast is full of great music, so it’s a win-win really. Unless you hate me. And music. In which case, I can’t imagine what you’re doing here. Is it like that thing where folk sort of masochistically keep an eye on people they don’t like? I kind of do that with Jessie J, I think. I find her quite annoying a lot of the time, but when I see her crop up on the telly I realise I’m sort of perversely happy about it, as if I enjoy being annoyed by her.

This dysfunctional cheery annoyedness used to be filled by Kate Nash. I found her voice and songs quite annoying, but that one about lemons and crap boyfriends and crack or whatever it was, that had a good tune. So how was I supposed to feel when one of my heroes did a song with her? I mean, if she’s ok with Billy…

…but then I saw that mad song she did recently. I think I’ve seen it summed up best by Claire Lim on Twitter, who said “My “so terrible I’d rather listen to the sound of cats farting” award goes to Kate Nash’s ‘Under-Estimate The Girl’.”

Ach well, it’s always good to try new things I suppose. I should know; after this single release I’m planning to record a bluegrass hip-hop concept album. On the moon.

Just kidding.

I’m recording it INSIDE THE EARTH’S VERY CORE, with an orchestra made up solely of MAGMA PEOPLE.

Sorry. I think that Kate Nash song has discombobulated me. To sum up, if you’d like to hear the b-side from my upcoming single release, head over to this lovely link.

Til next time!

love Shambles



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