Shambles 2.0.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if I did a wee photo shoot in Govan and Ibrox, against a backdrop of flowers and brick walls? Of course you haven’t. Nobody wonders that.


Anyway, I recently had the honour of getting some proper photos done with a brilliant lady called Ashley Baxter. You can find her on the Internet here and here.

Here are a couple of said photies. You can see the rest of them at Ashley’s blog.

See the rest of the photos here. And check out all the other stuff Ashley does. She’s a busy lady!

Til next time,

love Shambles


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2 thoughts on “Shambles 2.0.

  1. […] Hello folks. I’ve been busy preparing for my upcoming single launch of late. You’ve probably heard me going on about it, and it’s the reason for things like this press release and these professional photos of ma face. […]

  2. […] recently. First of all, I’ve clearly been cloned. Well, not quite. You might remember I did a wee shoot recently with the talented-and-lovely Ashley Baxter. Well, Ashley took another couple of photos to promote […]

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