A film a day for…oh wait, no.

Hello folks. Last month I decided to try a little experiment. I planned to watch a film a day for the whole of April and as you know, I watch a lot of films. Should’ve been easy, right?

Well, not quite. Things got in the way, some days were busier than others, and all in all I watched around 21 films. I’m still glad I attempted it, as I saw some great films (and some stinkers), including some I probably wouldn’t have watched had I not set myself this wee challenge.

I might try it again sometime, but since I didn’t complete it, I won’t post up the short reviews in the style I’d originally planned. However, I did begin this by photoshopping myself into one of my favourite films from the first week, a la #shamblesiswatching. Only seems fitting to finish it the same way. Plus, my game, my rules!

Just hangin’ oot wi big Yul Brynner

FUN FACT: It’s said that Yul Brynner was one of only two actors who could fire a gun without blinking. Can you guess who the other one is? Answers on a postcard to @shamblesmiller or my Facebook page. Also, don’t forget I’m on that Tumblr thing nowadays. Trying to get down with the kids, chatting about Sega Mega Drive and PJ and Duncan and whatnot.

Til next time,

love Shambles


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