Friday the 13th and some EP-launchin’ maverickacious brawtimes.

Hello folks! I know I’ve been a bit lax with my blog updating of late, but as you know I’ve not had proper Internet for the last few months. Until now! Internet party!!! Or in other words, stare at twitter and facebook for an hour then get bored and go outside.

It also means I can inform/remind/prod you lovely lot about upcoming gigs and whatnot. One I’m particularly excited about is supporting Julia and the Doogans at their EP launch show. It’s at the Captains Rest, this Friday. What’s that you say? It’s Friday the 13th? Well I guess anyone who comes to this show will be showing that not only do they have impeccable music taste but that they’re a maverick. A badass. Someone who laughs in the face of FEAR and DANGER and SUPERSTITION and OTHER STUFF LIKE THAT. Are you up to it? I bloody well hope so, because as well as music from me, Julia and the Doogans, and Dougie Greig, there’ll be free cake and lollipops. You can also pick up a copy of the Diamonds EP before its official release on the 16th. Sounds like a deal to me.

If you fancy checking out some of Julia and the Doogans’ music before the gig you can check out their website, their facebook page, or have a wee listen to their first EP below this very sentence.

SO, to recap:

– Go to the Captains Rest, this Friday the 13th of April, £3 entry
– Eat free cake
– Stuff your face/pockets with free lollipops
– Listen to some braw music
– Laugh in the face of danger and superstition
– Pick up a copy of the Diamonds EP, days before anyone else
– Bask in your own maverickacious awesomesaucity

See you there folks!

love Shambles



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