Bumper #shamblesiswatching Bonanza!

Hello folks! Hmm, your face doesn’t look the same colour as your neck. Well, that’s normal, judging by the photos you’re about to see. That’s right, it’s time for some ridiculous shoops of people off twitter in films I’ve watched. No idea what I’m talking about? Check out this post on what #shamblesiswatching is and what the rules are!

The first winner is Rachael! She correctly guessed that I was watching Captain America.

Rach looks a lot more pleased about whatever they're looking at than Cap is. I like to think that she's been distracted by a kitten on the floor, doing drawings of unicorns and eating tiramisu. What?

Our next winner is Keith! He correctly guessed (despite very sparse clues) that I was watching The Inbetweeners Movie! Here he is hanging out with the guys.

I think we can all agree this would have been a much better film.

Next up we have a very unorthodox situation. This is the first time that someone has won despite guessing the wrong answer. It’s also the first time I’ve shooped someone into a film I haven’t actually seen before. Basically, after giving the clue “So far there’s been a cringey noooooooooo bit and a genuine laugh out loud bit. That’s about it”, yer man Jamie guessed that I was watching Schindler’s List. That made me laugh so much, he won this:

Surprisingly one of my better photoshop efforts.

Up next we have ANOTHER unorthodox situation. Two in one blog post? In one year? In one LIFETIME? Michty me. I better explain. The other night I recommended to everyone following me on twitter that they watch the film 127 Hours. I recommend the same to you guys, it’s a brilliant film and a truly uplifting experience. However, well-known twitter smarty-pants Colin Bell (he does this thing, amongst other things) tweeted me guessing that I was watching 127 Hours and tagged it #shamblesiswatching. What does he win for his smarty-pants behaviour? Possibly my favourite shoop yet.


I have one last shoop for you, folks. I thought that since technically auld Jampot and young Keith (all age-related adjectives are arbitrary) won the same game, I should give em a joint shoop.

A much, MUCH better film.

That’s all folks!

Til next time,

love Shambles



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