Start of the year….STUFF!

I could explain this, but you're better figuring it out for yourself.


Hello! I know it’s a little late, but, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I would’ve posted earlier, but my birthday is in early January, so I’ve been riding the crest of a boozy festive wave…and that’s me just sobered up. That’s alright isn’t it though? To effectively lose the first week of the year? Aye I’m sure it’s fine. Luckily though, much like the end of the year, things have been going on around me while I’ve been renewing my friendship with Mr. Jack Daniels.

I recently did a wee interview with a chap called Thor (you can see why I warmed to him immediately) for his blog GlasGOwest. We talk music, politics, booze, and there’s even a story featuring a man nearly FALLING off of a THING. Guess who saves the day? Time to find out! Just click here and read it with your eyes and enjoy it with your mind and smile at it with your face!

I also got a lovely surprise the other day in the form of the inclusion of one of my tracks on a great podcast from It’s presented by a chap called Ed and I recommend giving it a listen, as it features some right braw music. Here’s the link! Also, if you like the song of mine that Ed plays, you can download it for free. Where? Oh right below this sentence? Bongo.

That’s all for now folks, anything else I’ve done recently was probably under the influence of alcohol and will probably start to ebb slowly back into my mind as it slowly sobers up for the year ahead. I’ll let you know when I do.

Til next time,

love Shambles



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