Spam Me Up – Electronic Cigarettes

Hello folks! Every now and then I get a particularly good spam comment on the ol blog. What we have here is my latest favourite. I think it’s supposed be trying to make e-cigarettes sound like a good thing…

“electric cigarette, and smokeless cigarette, happens to be an electric apparatus who models the act of smoking tobacco by means of developing a particular taken in mister bearing the particular bricks-and-mortar feel, look and feel, and they sometimes the flavour and tobacco articles in taken in tobacco smoke however without having the odour in tobacco smoke. The gps unit employs heat up, maybe in many cases ultrasonics, in order to vaporize an important propylene glycol- and glycerin-based fluid solution straight into a particular aerosol mister, identical to the method an important nebulizer and humidifier vaporizes answers with regard to inhalation.

A lot of e cigs are created to seem like legitimate smoking tobacco uses, including cigs, lighters, and water lines, many consider the sort of ballpoint writing instruments and tools ever since some of those versions are certainly more practical to deal with the particular things associated. Nearly every one is in addition reusable, by using exchangeable and refillable regions, numerous varieties happen to be non-reusable.

The initial reported using the esmokes is often as an important quitting smoking apparatus, considering that it attempts to give the expertise in tobacco without having, and by using reduced, unpleasant well-being benefits constantly linked to tobacco smoke. Nonetheless, factors have been lifted which use belonging to the apparatus also includes well being, and the it will draw in non-smokers, particularly young children, due to the novel idea, the taste experience, maybe over-stated comments in security.”


  • The sentence “developing a particular taken in mister bearing the particular bricks-and-mortar feel
  • GPS unit? Why does it have GPS?
  • Repeated use of the word “mister”
  • The fact that something which is supposed to be selling a product mentions that it might draw in “young children, due to the novel idea, the taste experience”

Just when you thought this one was going to manage to at least not be creepy, it goes and gets children involved again.




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