Shambles is Watching #3-5

(Here’s the soundtrack to this edition of Shambles is Watching. I think you’ll find it’s a bit good. Click play then read on!)

Hello folks! It’s becoming clear that I watch a lot of movies, as I’ve now done 5 separate #shamblesiswatching’s on twitter. No idea what I’m talking about? If only there was a blog post to explain it.

Here’s the winner of Shambles is Watching #3: Olga! She correctly guessed that I was watching The Life Aquatic, with Steve Zissou.
(As a side note, I recently played a gig with We See Lights the day before one of their birthdays and one member of the band had knitted the other a tiny hat, a la The Life Aquatic. I knew immediately these were my kind of people).

Next up, winning Shambles is Watching #4, we have: LD McPhee! (her real name is Lauren, but I prefer calling her McPhee) McPhee correctly guessed that I was watching High Fidelity. She guessed a little too quickly in fact (though only shortly before a few others) so I decided to do another one…

…so in the most recent round, well, surely not! The winner of Shambles is Watching #5 is…Olga! Again! She wins this a lot. This time Olga correctly deduced that I was watching Easy A, a great wee film starring my wife-to-be-but-she-just-doesn’t-know-it-yet-ssshh-don’t-tell-her-it’ll-ruin-the-surprise-especially-since-we-haven’t-met-yet, Emma Stone!

That last one is definitely my favourite so far.

Til next time folks!

love Shambles


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