Rainy Embra Adventures

Hello folks! Ooh, nice jumper. As you might know, I’ve had some adventures in Edinburgh recently (some secret, some not) including a wee gig at the Blind Poet. Most of the aforementioned adventures involved rain at some point, including in the above picture, but ALSO during a cheeky wee interview I did for the Edinburgh Man Podcast!

It’s a great wee weekly podcast, so I was more than happy to sit down and have a chat with Mr. Edinburgh Man once we found a wee spot out of the rain. Unfortunately however…that interview is lost. It is gone, forever, into the long black tomorrow of the digital never. Or something. BUT, we did ANOTHER INTERVIEW! Waaay! I also did a wee live track in the windy wilds of the Grassmarkets which also features on the podcast. If that hasn’t convinced you to listen, the podcast also features Josie Long, who is obviously much funnier to listen to than me. SO GO’FR’IT!

You can listen and download at this tasty link.

Lovely. Til next time!

love Shambles


ALSO, just a wee reminder that I’m supporting Jack Savoretti at Cabaret Voltaire this Friday the 26th of August. COME ALONG!


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