Shambles is watching…#1 (and #2)

(this blog post has a soundtrack, please start the video playing and listen as you read. I’d embed the music by itself, but I’m lazy)

For the benefit of those with twitter: you know that thing where some people watch a thing then tweet about it? It can be fun or interesting when it’s a shared event, such as breaking news coverage, or televised political debates; even if it’s a film or tv programme that you and several people you follow are watching at the same time.

However, when people tweet about movies that they, and ONLY THEY are watching, it gets right on my wick. Why would their whole twitter feed want to know that they think that bit with the dog is dead funny, or care about the continuity error where one of the aliens is smoking a cigarette?

Well, it’s probably borne out of the desire one has to point out things about a film when watching it. But if you’re watching alone, you have no one to do that with. So, how to reconcile the desire to tell people about a film, with an available medium to do so, but one in which nobody cares that YOUR top 5 side 1, track 1’s would start with Free Speech for the Dumb?

By turning into a game! The other night I decided to tweet about the film I was watching, but without referring directly to the actors or telling anyone which film it was. The prize for guessing the film was I’d buy the winner a pint. Much to my chagrin, the winner, despite being someone I’d happily spend time chatting to over a pint, demanded a pint of single malt whisky.
(If you see me in a pub at a table with a girl slowly drinking 7 glasses of whisky whilst I sob because I have no money, you’ll remember this blog post and be able to explain the situation to your friends)

So, the next time I played the game, I thought it would be better to come up with a FREE prize. Never mind for the winner, but free for ME. So here is that prize. Louise Connell (otherwise known as Reverieme) correctly guessed that I was watching The Wrestler. Her prize? Being badly photoshopped into a scene from the movie.

Rowdy Roddy Piper had become strangely iffeminate in his old age.

So, next time I’m watching a film, I’ll let you know beforehand on twitter, then YOU can be badly photoshopped into a scene from whatever shite/awesome movie I’m watching. I promise it will NEVER be porn.

Shambles x


2 thoughts on “Shambles is watching…#1 (and #2)

  1. I read this post, your next two posts and one from an entirely different blog while the song was playing – how slowly do you think I read? ;-)

    So, now you’ve ventured to Ayr, are you playing at Troon in the next couple of weeks by any chance?

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