Edinburgh Man, man.

Hello folks! You look like you’ve caught a wee bit of the sun, you must have been out for the 5 minutes of good weather we had this month. As usual I’ve been doing bits and also, of course, bobs. As you can see from the photie above, me and my partner-in-crime Andrew Lindsay joined Where We Lay Our Heads on stage during their gig at King Tuts to sing a wee song. That was fun, though I wish I hadn’t gone on stage holding my pint, like a chump.

Also, remember that new song I put up recently? Well, I’ve made it a free download if you fancy it, but it was also played on The Edinburgh Man Podcast! You might remember that I’ve been played on there before; the podcast is always a pleasure to listen to, so having one of my songs feature is an added bonus. You can have a listen to the podcast by clicking this link, the one with the voice that’s nice to listen to.

(also, you can download the song by clicking the wee arrow below)

That’s about it for now folks. Til next time!

love Shambles



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