Beans on Glasgow

Hello folks! You’re looking lovely today, as are your mums! You might wonder why I’m complimenting your mothers; it’s not mother’s day yet, after all. It IS on Sunday though. Which is also the day I’m playing a gig with Beans on Toast!

You might have seen/heard me talk about this chap before. There’s a story I tell all too often, so I’m going to break with tradition and, well, not tell it again.

What I AM going to tell you is that you should bloody well come to this gig on Sunday. It’s at the 13th Note and also supporting will be Dave Hughes and Daniel versus the World. It starts at 8pm and it’s £5 on the door. That’s not too steep for a night of braw music now, is it? Mr. on Toast is an excellent singer-songwriter and his songs are immediately likeable, so I’m banking on this being more than enough to convince you to come along:

The sweetest-sounding song about cocaine I’VE ever heard. Come along on Sunday to hear more of the same great songwriting. And if you DO come, I might even stop telling that story. I mean, it was funny at first but COME ON MAN, get a GRIP, how many times? Seriously.

So I hope you’ll come along and see us play songs at you. Bring a mum!* All are welcome.

Til next time,

love Shambles x

*preferably your own mum


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