Alice’s 99 Shortest Problems

Hello folks! I hope you’re having a lovely [insert day of the week] and that you said hello to [insert name] for me last time you saw them. I sure miss him/her, that crazy bastard/bitch.

As you might know, I recently played some of my songs at Words per Minute, the monthly full-of-brawness event held in the Arches, featuring the best of Scotland’s writing, music, spoken word and performance in general. And me, last time.

I really enjoyed my set at the Arches that day and managed to capture some of said performance, via technology magic. I thought it might be nice for other people to hear it, as my set was just a wee bit different than usual and not just because it was 10 minutes long, seriously curtailing the amount of pish I could talk between songs.

With this in mind, it’s time for a tasty free download! Here’s a special wee medley I’m calling Alice’s 99 Shortest Problems.

I hope you like it folks! If you do, tell your friends! If you don’t…tell your friends! And if you like it (even just a little) please download it. I went to all the effort of pressing the upload button and everything! Tired oot noo, away for a lie-down.

Til next time folks!

love Shambles



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