Bolt, Ya Rocket!

Not that kind of rocket.

Ah it’s you folks, you’re here! Good good, come on in. How are you? I’ve been awfy busy of late but I thought let you know about a wee thing I’m up to tomorrow (Thursday 3rd March).

I’ll be joining a pair of young ladies on the radjo (radio, if you’re not Glaswegian), playing songs and talking pish. The station is called Bolt FM and the show is the hopefully-accurately-titled “Pure Dead Brilliant”. I’ll be on between 12 and 2 tomorrow so you can listen on 106.7 FM if you’re in or around North Glasgow, otherwise you can tune in online at

Since it’s the radio I’ll have to be on my best behaviour, so you should tune even just to hear how I make lyrics like “the bastards won’t defeat us”, “clearly fucking mighty” or “absinthe makes the heart grow fonder but it never makes your hard-on stronger” somehow radio-friendly.

Cheers folks! Til next time!

love Shambles x



One thought on “Bolt, Ya Rocket!

  1. Aw, I caught the show for once but was interrupted by phonecalls and deliveries so didn’t hear how you cleaned up the lyrics! :-) Good show, judging by the bits I did hear.

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