Quick! Go! Stuff! Now!

(Note: This post will work a lot better if you read it in the slightly frantic, hurried tone I’m writing it in. In my head. Enjoy!!)

Hi folks! You look great, I look like a fancy hobo, you know the drill. This is going to be kind of a “remember those things I mentioned?” post, by the way. LET’S GO!

Remember that review in Pornography for Cowards that I mentioned? Here it is!

Braw. I was right pleased with that. Even quoted the lyric I’m simulateously most proud/ashamed of. One more than the other. I’ll let you guess. Sorry for the image quality by the way, my scanner hates me, but I’m still on good terms with my phone camera.

Remember those gigs I mentioned? Here’s what I’ve got on the horizon in Glasgow at the moment:

I’m also going to be playing a couple of shows with Dave Arcari in June, along with Jim Byrne. Exciting!  They are:


Remember I mentioned something about a podcast? Well, on twitter anyway. And, y’know, in life? It exists now! Dude on it sounds like me and has a name that sounds like mine. Weird. Check it out here!

Lastly, remember that FUCKING HUGE CUPCAKE I never mentioned before? The one a certain lovely lady made for me? Remember I mentioned it in my head? Here it is!


That’s all for now folks, gotta go, take care!

love Shambles



One thought on “Quick! Go! Stuff! Now!

  1. i like this blog post because i like the cake and the review is also good because it gives you deserved credit. but mostly i like it because of the cake.

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