Two things I did (and one I didn’t)

Hello folks! How are you all this fine day? Well, this day. Maybe it’s fine where you are; in Scotland it’s dreich. Drab. Drizzly. If you’re out and about today you’ll probably end up in a right doorker ’cause yer sa’ drookit.

So, perhaps you’re wondering what’s been happening recently. Perhaps you’ve even noticed the slight imaginary tan or the still imaginary Indian nik-naks around the place. Well, that’s because I recently took a trip to the Taj Mahal with some friends. And Mahatma Ghandi. Well, he was already there. We were awfy surprised. Before Rosa started tickling Ghandi with her robotic arm, but shortly after Alison and Lucy got drunk on flowerpots, Mr. Mahatma said to me, he said “Hey, Shambles. I see you have a guitar. Why don’t you sing me some songs and afterwards you can tell me what else you’ve been up to”.

I said “Ghandi my man, you have got an accord,”(ian, couldn’t play it though) and just at that moment, we had our picture taken. Ghandi had to leave shortly after to appear as a guest judge on American Idol and do an interview with Ryan Seacrest. As a result, he didn’t get to hear about what I’d been up to recently, so I’ll recap two of the nicest bits here.

Edinburgh Man Podcast

It’s always a lovely surprise to see one of my songs pop up in a podcast, especially when the surprise is accompanied by such flattering words. I could really tell how much this Edinburgh-dwelling podcaster enjoyed the EP and that’s always exciting and quite touching to hear, no matter who is saying it. Listen to the full podcast here, or alternatively download from iTunes.

Curious Joe

I recently met up with a fine young bloggist (I’m gonna try that word out, see how it goes) in my favourite remaining Byres Road pub, to chat about…well…anything that came into my head. This diligent blogster then had the unenviable task of transcribing the recording of my not-quite-drunk-yet ramblings and turning them into a coherent interview. Read it in full here. Try not to judge me too much for my over-use of the quotative “like”.

I hope you enjoy ’em both! Til next time folks!

love Shambles



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