It’s Shamblin’ Time!

I widened this. I shouldn't have widened this.

Hello folks! I hope you’re well and not succumbing to any nasty flu badstuffs or the like.  There’s a BUG GOING AROUND, don’t you know. His name is Jeff and he wears a big purple jacket with yellow shoes. So, y’know, look out for him. And his cape.

This week I’ve been trying to get back to normal and have spent quite a bit of time glued to my laptop or in the library, smelling the books. I’ve also been popping up around the internet, courtesy of some lovely blogs and zines, so I thought I’d round some of em up in handy links’n’quotes format. So let’s get started!

Tonight We Dance, Tomorrow We Cry

First off, a lovely review! My favourite part is this paragraph:

“Meanwhile ‘Alice’s Song’ finds Shambles in a reflective mood as one of his (presumably many) parties comes to an end. It’s an oddly moving ode to his pals and leaves you in no doubt that Shambles knows what is important in his life.”

Sure, the description of the song is touching but the main thing I got excited over is the fact that the writer presumes that I have lots of parties. I bloody love parties (most of the time) but don’t go to that many. I can only assume my music makes me seem cooler than I actually am, which as any musician will agree (although not out loud) is pretty much the point.

Read the full review at this floaty nice link chap.

It’s Bloggerin’ Time

Next up is a post from one of my favourite blogs, where a lovely chap named Colin Bell tries to convince braw folk like you to download Things That Make Me Angry from me and the lovely folks at Strummerville. I’d pick a favourite bit, but I’ll let you guess for yourself when you read it. Just remember, I’m ridiculously white. Unnecessarily so. It’s painful. Colin is also responsible for that spiffy image up top. Thanks man!

Read it now, you crazy fools! Go on, click like there’s no tomorrow.

Is This Music?

Well apparently, yes, it is. Last up is another lovely review, courtesy of a fine chap named Elliot Halt (that’s a brilliant name). My favourite bit is a wee sentence that I find quite encouraging, as it would seem to suggest that in my music, I come across the way I’d hope that I would (plus it’s a flattering wee compliment):

“With ‘Nu-Folk’ being quite the sound of now, Shambles Miller is offering something a lot more traditional here; guitar, voice, wit and plenty of opinion.”

Get clicking, friends. Read it here.

Well there we are folks! Wherever will I crop up next? Well, here, probably. But sometimes other places!

Take care folks, til next time!

love Shambles



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