Tales from my sickbed…

I picked this photo since I look pretty rough...

Hello folks! *achooo!* Some of you might know that I’ve been a little ill of late. My infamous beer belly has shrunk considerably and I haven’t even had the energy to play video games. No appetite for food, drink, or polygon-destroying virtual violence: that’s how you know I’m not well.

Despite having spent most of the past week and a half in bed, I still have some cool things to share (besides germs). At the end of 2010, you probably saw/heard me mention that I’d been featured on Jim Gellatly’s list of 10 acts to watch in 2011. Well, a few days after my birthday, Jim also picked me for one of his two predictions for 2011 on Amazing Radio, alongside the clearly braw Weather Barn. I’m always really flattered when Jim is so nice to me and my music, so thanks again Jim!

Jim also played one of my tracks on his Amazing Radio show this week, which you can hear again tomorrow (thursday) from 1pm or at this handy link anytime you like! There’s also some other really great tracks on there, so I highly recommend having a listen.

In the past week, I was also fortunate enough to be featured on the Slide Into My Hand podcast, run by another of the supermixtapefunfriends, as I’ve dubbed our little band of mix-swappers (in my head). It’s a great podcast, so go have a listen with this tasty link.

And of course, you can still download Things That Make Me Angry, from my second EP, thanks to the lovely people at Strummerville. Just visit my profile page on the Strummerville DIY site.

That about sums up my week in my sickbed. Hopefully my beard and I will be back on the streets soon enough, then back in the pub, working on reclaiming my beer belly.

Til next time folks,

love Shambles



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