Birthday! Strummerville! Deadpool!

Hello folks! You’re looking awfully well-rested and content, what’s your secret? I’m feeling a bit rough, as it was my birthday yesterday and I spent the evening filling my belly with burgers and beer. A lovely way to spend a birthday, I must say, especially when it’s with good friends.

I got lots of lovely presents, including what I can only describe as an anti-drunkenness beer paradox. It’s a big bottle of Stella Artois encased in a sort of puzzle made from wood and rope, presumably to prevent me from opening it if I’m too drunk! Probably a wise move. I also got my Auld Man on, thanks to my new cardigan and slippers. What’s that? I can’t hear you, you’ll have to speak up. Talk into this trumpet.

What I want to tell you about just now though is a special little extra present that I received. Yesterday I found out that I’ve been accepted into Strummerville! For those of you who don’t know, Strummerville was set up by Joe Strummer’s friends and family in the year after his death. As a registered charity they “aim to create new opportunities for aspiring musicians” and entry is by invite only, so I’m really excited to be involved in their Strummerville DIY section.

Now, in order to be accepted into Strummerville DIY, I had to offer one of my songs as a free download. Downloads of my track count toward that weeks top 20 downloads chart on the site, which, if you haven’t already sensed where this is going, is where YOU come in! Through Strummerville, I’m offering “Things That Make Me Angry” from my latest EP “Shambles Sails the Clockwork Sea as a free download. Every download gives me a better chance of getting into the chart, so click away folks! Here’s the link to my profile on the site. You can download the track from there. Feel free to tweet this or facebook it or write it on post-its and stick them to passers-by. Whatever you prefer. Either way, by simply downloading, you’re really helping me out. And getting something for free!

If you’d prefer, you can download the file right here:


Well, before I go back to my cave to do some chillin’ out, maxin’ and relaxin’ all cool, here’s one of my other favourite presents (besides the aforementioned gifts and the newest addition to my plaid shirt collection). Courtesy of my best bud Neil Slorance, it’s the original action figure of my favourite comic book character…DEADPOOL!

The Regeneratin’ Degenerate himself! It’s been really, really hard not to take him out of the box, but I’m staying strong. Expect a more detailed blog post on the merc with a mouth sometime soon.

Thanks for reading folks, if you have any thoughts on the free download, feel free to comment below or on the Strummerville profile page. I really hope you like the track.
Also, feel free to guess what age I turned yesterday!

Til next time,

love Shambles



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