Thank You and Happy New Year!

Hello folks, it’s a pleasure to see you, as always. I was planning to write a somewhat curmudgeonly-but-then-nostalgic blog post to welcome in the New Year. It was going to be full of gripes and grumbles about this time of year (especially since my birthday is in the first week of the New Year), then onto some melancholy reminiscing.

Then I thought “naw naw naw”.

See, I got some good news the other day from Jim Gellatly. He named me as one of his “10 for 2011”! I’m really, really honoured to be on the list, especially with such amazing acts. The 10 acts feature on Jim’s latest podcast and the list has been printed in Jim’s weekly column, today, in the Scottish Sun! Look!

I honestly can’t tell you how flattered I am, especially with the description that Jim has written. It really means a lot to me, even being mentioned in the same breath as two of my favourite songwriters. Thanks Jim.

You see, if it wasn’t for you guys reading my rambling blogs and coming along to my gigs, I’d just be sitting in my room, playing daft songs, so I really want to thank you all for supporting me this past year. I’m really grateful for every single one of you that shows interest in what I do, in any way. You’ve all helped make this year really special and if I had all of your numbers (what am I saying, there’s only about 12 of you*, I could easily get all your numbers) you’d all be getting drunken New Year texts from me tonight, telling you I love you.

Whatever 2011 brings, I hope I can live up to my spot on Jim’s list and to the other nice things people have said about me. It’s been a great start to the last day of the year.
I want to wish all of you and yours a fantastic Hogmanay and a truly happy New Year. Whatever you’re doing tonight and whoever you’re with, enjoy yourselves and be merry. Also, don’t tell the missus but you all look absolutely GORGEOUS, you little devils.

Til 2011 folks,

thanks again,

lots of love,





*Ok there are slightly more than 12 of you. There’s at least 15. 16 if you count that one guy who’s actually two midgets. Happy New Year everybody! Slainte mhath!


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