Pssst! Me! Jim! A Free Thing!

Hello folks! You’re looking well and you smell LOVELY, if I may say so. This weekend I was lucky enough to have one of the tracks from my new E.P featured on Jim Gellatly’s show on Amazing Radio. It’s always really flattering and exciting to hear my music being played on the radio, especially when someone like Jim Gellatly is the one paying you the compliment of giving you the airplay. In case any of you missed the broadcast, it’ll be repeated on Tuesday at 6pm and Thursday at 1pm, so you can tune in then! You can catch it on DAB radio, under Amazing Radio, funnily enough or on the Amazing Radio website. If you have smartphone doohickeys, you can use those too.

Some of you might know that a while back, I did a wee session for Jim over at Radio Magnetic. Some of the tracks were featured on Jim’s monthly podcast and some of them were featured on his Amazing Radio show. What you might not know however, is that I recently cropped up in the Radio Magnetic trailer for Jim’s show! Eagle-eyed viewers might even spot my debut E.P in the pile…

That was a really fun day :) Wearing my best plaid shirt there, of course!  Since Christmas time is coming up, I thought I might take this opportunity to offer you all another Free Thing, so here’s a free download of the version of Pssst! I played for Jim during the session. The original version of the song is the first track on my debut E.P “Shambles Vs. The Dragonwizard“. It’s also the track I’m playing in the video! Enjoy!

Hope you like it folks! Oh! You might like to know that this week I’m venturing out of my writing cave to hand in my essays, drink a beer or twenty and play a gig. It’s at the Liquid Ship, this Thursday the 16th of December. Free entry. Hope to see you there!

Til next time,

love Shambles




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