Mo Mo: Mo Money? Mo-Oh.

This picture will make sense about two paragraphs in, honest.

Good day to you, fine folks. I’ve been a trifle over-occupied of late, hence my lack of activity online and indeed, anywhere but my writing-cave. So entrenched have I been in essaying; pontificating hither and thither, that I have neglected to update my precious (three) readers on my comings and goings. Here’s a quick rundown:


As some of you might know, I’m spending this month relatively beardless, in aid of Movember. I’d be really greatful if you could donate something, even just a little bit. This is to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer, so if you’d like to donate for MY mo-growing efforts, you can do so online right here. Really, every wee bit helps. You can also donate to the team I’m a part of alongside my partner-in-crime Neil Slorance. The link for that is right here. Only a week to go!

Young Scot Podcast

Who says you can’t have a moustache and reach out to touch children…WITH MUSIC? Crazy people, that’s who. One of my songs was recently featured on the Young Scot Podcast. Download it here, or directly from iTunes!

The Pop Cop Interview

Recently, esteemed blogger The Pop Cop wrote an article on whether or not musicians make good music journalists. I was lucky enough to have some of my thoughts on the subject included in the article, so if you haven’t already seen it, check it out by clicking this tasty link. It even breaks the fourth wall a bit, as I popped my Me Hat on, instead of my Other Me Hat.*

Apart from all this lovely stuff, I’ve mostly been working on essays and starting to learn the programming language Python. Strange way to unwind, I know. And as always, I like to pimp out my music where possible, so if you’re interested in buying any of my music, including my shiny new EP, check out my Big Cartel Store, or my Bandcamp page.

Til next time, fair friends, ’tis back to my writing-cave,

love Shambles



*This makes sense to at least one of me.


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