Sailing by the Seat of my Pants

Hello folks! It’s been some fortnight so it has and it doesn’t look like slowing up for me just yet. Until the morning after the friday night before perhaps. As well as organising everything for the EP launch this friday (October the 22nd) and rehearsing with my wee band for the night, I managed to fit in a lovely wee gig at the Hidden Lane Tearoom. It was a thoroughly braw night and I’ll be telling you lots more about it soon. In the meantime though, I’ve had some lovely things written about the new EP and bits and bobs about the aforementioned Tea Party. I thought I’d collect them together here so you can peruse them at your leisure. Here are some of the nice things folk have been saying and links to the full articles:

…by turns folksy, passionate and surprisingly witty.” – It’s Bloggerin’ Time!

It is called Strike and it is all kinds of awesome and lovely.” – My Portis Wasp

I shouldn’t play favourites, but I can’t help it. What you’re about to read is a beautifully written article, by an exceedingly lovely lady, whom I finally had the pleasure of meeting this week at the Tea Party. My favourite part reads:

“...enough heart to power a small charity.” – Last Year’s Girl

I swooned a little, like a girl, when I read this.

I said I’d say more about the Tea Party and I did. And here’s a little more. Sean McCann, who organised said shindig, also performed as part of a duo: the Ballad of Alex K. I implore you to find them and hear their tunes. You won’t regret it.  Sean also filmed parts of the night and you can see some videos (including one of me performing Robots) over at his site, Light Up Glasgow’s Skyline.

By this point in the week, after the Tea Party, my body was starting to yearn for a wee sleep, as the weekend began to bleed into monday. However, I couldn’t say no to a special wee Kitty the Lion-related event, in aid of their new single. It’s called ‘Gutted’ and it’s out now to download from iTunes. I’d do that, if I were you. Gaun.

Now we’re at Tuesday. My body is attempting to succumb to the flu, my tonsils are involved in some sort of oral revolution and attempting to seize power, I’m imbibing more orange juice than is probably healthy, and rediscovering the taste sensation that is gargling with salt water. The EP launch is this friday folks. Needs must. Also, in case I haven’t mentioned, about the EP launch, please do come to it. It’ll be more fun the more of you there are to sneeze at sing to.

And the last bit of news I have for the moment: I’ve just heard that one of my tracks will be getting played on Jim Gellatly’s new music podcast tomorrow. Make sure to tune in or download when it goes live tomorrow! Rest assured I’ll be reminding you anyway.

That’s all for now folks. I’m off to give my throat a good talking-to, although that seems a little counter productive. Maybe I’ll just lie down instead…

love Shamble-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..


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