First Copy: First Song

Hello folks!!! I hope you’re well today. Me? I’m PRETTY excited. As you can see above, I’ve just received my brand new EPs. They look pretty swish if I do say so myself. Also, I’ve been rehearsing this week with the ragtag bunch of ramshackle rascals who will be my band for the night at the launch party this friday (the 22nd) and I’m really looking forward to playing you all some of my songs with a little extra support from my friends.

So, to celebrate this exciting wee delivery, I thought I’d post up the first track from the E.P for your listening pleasure.
(Eagle-eared folkies may have already heard it over at Peenko’s blog as well!)

The song is called “Strike!” and I hope you like it. Comments are more than welcome:

Well, there it is folks. I’d love to hear what you think! You can comment below or drop me a line via e-mail (link at the right), twitter, facebook, whatever you like really :)

Til next time folks,

love Shambles



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