Tick, Tock…

Hello folks, not long now! As the launch night for my new EP, “Shambles Sails the Clockwork Sea” is now less than a fortnight away, I can finally announce the lovely support acts who will be joining me at the Liquid Ship on the 22nd!

Andrew Lindsay and the Coat Hooks

Who else but my long-time partner-in-crime? Who’s to say the exact number of coathooks he’ll have accompanying him, he’s become awfy mysterious of late. Regardless, he always brings braw songs. And a fine head of a hair.


When she’s not busy doppelgängin’ that lassie oot the Gilmore Girls and presumably trying to goad her own mother into unhealthily fast-paced conversations, this young lady finds time to make some right lovely music. It is the latter fact that makes her great to share a bill with, but if you’re in the mood to crack wise I’m sure she can fit you in for a quip.

Florynce and Lauryn

That’s right, everyone’s favourite purveyors of folk-pop melodrama are back in town and will be bringing songs of murder and love and of fire and wine to the Liquid Ship. Expect the unexpected. Unless you’re expecting to hear two young ladies, singing fantastic songs to warm your hearts and chill your bones. Then just keep expecting that, cause that’s what’s GON’ HAPPEN.

SO! Not long now folks, I really hope you can make it along. Shaping up to be a fairly special night. Plus I’ll be playing a few of my songs with a ragtag bunch of ramshackle rascals. Exciting :)

Til next time folks,




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