A Bear, Surprisingly.

Hello folks! It’s lovely to see you, I’m afraid I haven’t had much time to update recently. Or rather, I’ve had very little to update on. Recent musical adventures have mostly been mundane and conducted via e-mail, due to the fact that I’m currently in a state of self-encarceration, attempting to finish the Dreaded Dissertation. Under two weeks to go. It’s on now, folks. It’s ON.

Despite being chained to my laptop, I DID manage a brief jailbreak this week to appear on the Define Pop show on Subcity Radio. I played a few songs and talked some pish, as usual. I also used the opportunity to plug my new E.P which should be out sometime in the next month or so. Finishing touches are being applied, so hopefully it won’t be too long a wait. I also have a title for it, FINALLY. That will also be revealed soon. Unfortunately, the ‘listen again’ feature isn’t up yet for tuesday’s show, so in the meantime here’s a wee video of my brief outing to Subcity. [Actually, the stream was uploaded shortly after I published this post. You can listen to the show by clicking this belated but no less charming link]

Hey, I said it was brief.

In other news, a rare wee demo of my song Questions and Chancers has been featured on Kowalskiy‘s free monthly EP! You can download it at this lovely link. The EP features some great bands, including the brilliantly-named Penguins Kill Polar Bears. If you’d like to download Kowalskiy’s other free EPs, you can check out his bandcamp page.

Thanks for reading folks, more musical adventures once I escape the Dissertation of Doom. Wish me luck!

love, Shambles



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