Good grief, I published this before I thought of a title…

Hello folks! Deary me but it’s been a fair busy time recently. I just thought I’d give you all a quick wee update on what’s been happening. As you might know, I recently did a live session for Jim Gellatly over at Radio Magnetic. All in all, I played four tracks: two were featured on Jim’s show on Amazing Radio and two were featured on his weekly New Music Podcast. I’ve also stuck them up here on the blog, over at my music page.

If you didn’t catch the show being broadcast on Amazing Radio, you can listen again with this lovely link. You can also hear the tracks I picked, from Julia and the Doogans and Anavris!

As for the podcast, you can get that from iTunes or stream it directly at Radio Magnetic, with yet another handsome link. I hope you enjoy it! There are lots of great bands on there, but I’d particularly recommend Call Me Ishmael, they have a brilliant track on the podcast.

So, that’s about it for now, in the meantime here’s another one of the session tracks for your listening pleasure. I hope you like it! (sorry if my voice sounds a little hoarse, just pretend I’m an actual grown-up instead of an idiot man-child)

Til next time folks!




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