Hello folks! I do hope you’re well today and that you’re having a great week.  Mines has certainly been lovely so far, as this week I recorded a little session for Jim Gellatly over at the Radio Magnetic HQ. It was a lot of fun, though my voice was a little bit hoarse on one or two tracks. I don’t think it’s used to singing before lunchtime. I played a track from my debut E.P, two from my soon-to-be-released second E.P and one BRAND NEW track (though you might find it floating around youtube…). You can hear them shortly by tuning into Jim’s radio show on Amazing Radio at 3pm on Sunday and you can hear the other two by downloading Jim’s next podcast, sometime next week. You can also hear me talking some nonsense at Jim as we had a wee chat between songs. I even got to pick a couple of tracks for Jim to play on his Amazing Radio show, so there’s another reason to tune in: my BRAWSM taste in music. Can you guess who I picked…?*

A little picture Jim took after the session. NOT an advert for the Hidden Lane Tearoom...

This week I’ve also been working on my new E.P, putting on some little finishing touches, tweaking this and that and generally annoying my producer by being too picky I expect. I really can’t wait to get it finished, you can be sure I’ll let you all know. I’m really excited about it though, so watch this space for updates.

Also, a big congratulations to Jim on the nomination for his podcast in the Digital Music Awards!

Anyway, I best go do things, don’t forget to check out Jim Gellatly’s show on DAB digital radio on Sunday at 3pm, on Amazing Radio (it’s in between Absolute Radio and BBC I think) or you can listen online with this coquettish little link.

Til next time folks,

love Shambles


*I picked Julia and the Doogans and Anavris, incidentally.


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