One Today!

Hello there! Well, one whole year later and you look just as lovely as you did the day you met my blog. I still love those shoes by the way, they really bring out your eyes. So yes, anyway, my blog is one year old today! That’s a whole year of waffle, banter, pictures of my big stupid face and videos including said big stupid face making noises. It’s been a great 12 months and hopefully I’ve grown as a musician in that time: back when I wrote my first blog post I still hadn’t played my first solo gig yet and I was really nervous about it. I still get nerves now before gigs, but healthy ones, not the keep-you-awake-at-night-worrying-in-case-everyone-hates-you-and-they-shout-and-throw-things type of nerves.

I’ve had some lovely adventures in the past year, many of which I’ve documented on the blog, partly because I’m an attention whore and partly for posterity. But mostly the whore part. (One should never measure one’s own self-worth by wordpress analytics. I certainly shouldn’t anyway) I’ve played gigs that went well and gigs that didn’t go so well; met some amazing musicians; beatboxed badly for a London folk-singer; told the ‘beatboxed’ story far too many times and I’ve even been lucky enough to be interviewed and feature on the odd podcast or two, most  notably with Glasgow Podcart and of course, Jim Gellatly. Once, I even played my loudest song very quietly on a ukulele for Jim at around 1 in the morning, via webcam. That was particularly fun and I managed not to wake anyone up. Not even the dog.

Once, there was cake. It was free, beautiful, true. It had no agenda, save to bring unconditional, yummy joy. Mmmm…unconditional joy cakes.

I also wrote and recorded my very first E.P. As i’m sure most of you already know, it’s called Shambles Vs. The Dragonwizard. I managed to convince some lovely folk to review it here and there and I even sold all of the original batch, mostly to you fine and may I say, really quite attractive individuals.

Best of all, I’ve met loads of great people and played music to lots more. Every single one of you who has read my blog, come to my gigs, bought my E.P, listened to my music or even just messaged/e-mailed/tweeted/semaphored me with kind words and encouragement, I want you to know I really, really appreciate it.  I have to admit, I love you all a bit. But ssshh! And don’t bring it up next time you see me, I’ll just get embarrassed. I think you probably deserve some sort of Special Thing, which I will organise for you as soon as I think of something. Which I will.

So, lovely folk, thank you lots and I hope you’ll stick with me for the next 12 months. I’ve got a new E.P to record and a WHOLE lot of chittle in my bantercannon.

Til next time folks, sincerely, thank you.

love, Campbell



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