Hello folks! Look at you, you’re a sight for sore eyes and no mistake. I’m a bit hungover today, but I’ve still managed to get a weeeeee bit of work done. Sort of. I recently finished a new song and thought I’d do a video for it since I haven’t done one in a wee while. I hope you like it!

Well there you go, I hope you enjoyed it folks! And I hope you like the title as well, I thought long and hard about that one. Oh, while I’m at it, I was recently featured on a really cool blog called Total Eclipse of the Reactor Core. It’s about poignant robot moments and they were lovely enough to feature my song Robots. Go have a wee look if you have time, just click this 01101100 01101001 01101110 01101011.

Comments on the video or anything else are always welcome :)

Til next time folks!

love Shambles



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