Sketchy Recollections…

Hello folks! You’re looking lovely today. Me? I’m feeling PRETTY rough. I did have a rather fun day yesterday though, so my sluggish state today kind of balances it out. I don’t mind a hangover if the day before was worth it, and yesterday certainly was. It was the day that I played the Lounge Act Stage in Sloans Courtyard as part of the Merchant City Festival. It was great fun and really exciting to share a stage with some other great acoustic acts, such as my old partner-in-crime Andrew Lindsay and someone I’ve really been looking forward to seeing live, Matthew Healy, otherwise known as We, the Plural. Also on the bill were my old sparring partner Martin Wright, Reptile House and a few more acts to boot. Everyone seemed to have a really good time and despite the odd sound problem I think things wen’t pretty well!

One of the best bits of gigging is getting to meet some lovely folk and I was lucky enough to do just that. Even if some of them I only met very briefly due to a mixture of politeness and parking problems :P (thanks for the photo by the way).
I also got to say hello to my friend James Clark Jones, who came to see me all the way from Canada! (Ok so he was coming to Scotland anyway, but my version makes me sound cooler). He’s playing a gig this thursday at Bar Ten so I suggest you go along and check him out.

After my set I spent the day and night…well, lets say over-indulging, with friends and later on with my parents. Once my dad and I open a bottle of Jack Daniels it tends to be a late night, hence my tender state today. As I said though, definitely worth it. My dad also did a lovely thing: he bought a sketch of me from an artist who had a stall near the stage and was sketching all the acts. I’m really chuffed with it, especially since it makes me look like an Actual Man.

Not bad eh? He told us he might make copies to sell, so if you stop by his stall at Sloans on Saturdays you might just see some wee copies of my sketchy mug for sale.

I had a lovely day so I did, so thanks to everyone who came, everyone who played, and of course the guys at Lounge Act for putting the stage on. It was a genuine pleasure, as always.

Til next time folks!

love Shambles x


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