There Are More of Us…

Good Grief...

Hello folks! I do hope you’re all well. As you might have heard, employees of Glasgow Life (formerly Culture and Sport Glasgow) are still participating in industrial action this weekend and tomorrow various libraries will also be closed, meaning my colleagues and I will be on strike tomorrow (Monday the 19th of July).

Whilst some members of the public have been kind enough to show us their support, i’m aware that some people feel a degree of hostility towards those union members who participate in the strikes. On discovering that we would be closed on Monday, a customer recently remarked to her friend, whom I was serving, that “that’s pathetic, I can’t stand those people who do that”. I felt a bit downhearted that some people take such a dim view of industrial action. As militant as any member may be, no worker really wants to strike. The withdrawal of labour is one of the last courses of action a union can ask of its members and is never taken lightly.

I also know that many members of the public are supportive of the industrial action, which I’m really greatful to hear. Workers really need the support of the general public at times like this and I know everyone really appreciates it. Whether it comes in the form of refusal to cross picket lines, e-mailing the bosses at Glasgow Life or even just that nice man the other day who said he hopes it doesn’t rain on any picketlines on monday.

With this in mind, I thought I’d upload this mp3 of my song “Strike!” live at the 13th Note. I’d call it a bootleg, but I’m not well-known enough for that yet :P I hope you like it!

If you would like to read more about the strike, or perhaps read about Culture and Sport’s recent £54,000 rebranding, click this handsome link and this other interesting link, respectively.

Thanks for reading folks, til next time.

Shambles x

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