A Day In FAILford

Hellooooooo folks! As some of you might know, I did a gig in Ayrshire recently, in a lovely wee town called Failford. As lovely a day as it was, it was also a little bit strange. Definitely not quite was I was expecting and DEFINITELY not exactly my best performance…but enough of this chittle. Here’s the video. Enjoy!

WELL. I hope you liked the video :) Who would’ve thought Margaret Thatcher was into folk music?

Thanks for watching, as always, comments and video ratings are just lovely. Til next time folks!

love Shambles x

3 thoughts on “A Day In FAILford

  1. hi Canpbell,thought u sounded fab,definitely need to get to a saturday night gig. polly xxx
    you sound a wee bit like Frankie Boyle

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