Sometimes People Ask Me…

Hello again! Some of you lovely folk might have noticed that I occasionally like to talk pish…sometimes…

It’s no surprise then that I rather enjoy when the opportunity for an interview comes along. My most recent one is for the Favourite Son music blog. It’s a great blog and as usual, I took advantage of the opportunity to…well…talk some of that aforementioned pish. You can check out the interview at this ruggedly handsome link. There are also links to all of my previous interviews over there to the right. More waffle there than….Belgium.

I’ve got a few gigs coming up soon, check out my myspace page for the dates. Alternatively, there are some of those lovely little facebook event thingummy-bobs which you can find at my facebook page in the links in the top post. Oh and if any of you have any ideas for some places around Scotland to play over the summer, do let me know!

Til next time,

love Shambles x


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